Activities for Child Month

The Child Month Committee, Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development, will be celebrating Child Month from 1–31 October, 2013.

The broader theme for Child Month continues to be “Love the Child.”

This year the focus will be on children and their well being. Therefore the theme for Child Month 2013 is “Love the Child; Let the children’s voices be heard.”

We encourage schools, churches, clubs and groups throughout our tri-island State to engage in Child Month activities and to find creative ways in which they can highlight and celebrate our children.

Parents are advised that T-shirts can be taken to their child’s respective schools to be printed at a cost of $7.00.

Some activities highlighting Child Month are:

  • Opening Address by the Governor General: 1 October 2013
  • Child Sabbath/Sunday: 19–20 October 2013

Child Month Marches:




10 October 1 and 7 (Carriacou, St. John and St. Mark) 9–11 am
16 October 2 (St. Patrick’ 9–11 am
17 October 3 (St. Andrew) 9–11 am
22 October 4 (St. David) 9–11 am
30 October 5 and 6 (St. George) 9–11 am

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