Court Rules That “Winty” Is To Be Buried In Grenada

Winston "Winty" Frederick

The Court has ruled that the final resting for a former parliamentarian Winton “Winty” Frederick will be in a tomb at the River Sallee Cemetery in the parish of St Patrick.

Frederick, who served as parliamentarian from 1990 to 1995, died on 24 September and was scheduled to be buried on 11 October. However, during the funeral service an officer from the court served the undertaker and pastor with a court document showing that the Court had granted an injunction which was filed by two of his six children to stop the burial.

The children who also reside in the United States were requesting that his body be buried next to his wife whose final resting place is a cemetery in New York City and not at the River Sallee Cemetery where a tomb was awaiting his body.

His wife died in the US and was buried there and the children who filed the junction were claiming that both parents should be buried next to each other. At the time of making arrangements for the mother, the vacant plot next to the mother was purchased for the father who was at the time residing in the US.

Arguments in the matter were initially heard in the Court on Monday, 14 October, which ended with a recommendation to mediation and a final hearing date in Court at 2 pm on 17 October. After almost four hours of private presentations in the judge’s chamber from lawyers, children and other associates, the judge ruled that Frederick will be buried in Grenada on Monday 21 October.

The undertaker has indicated that there will not be a second service but just a burial ceremony.

As of Friday a time was not set for the burial.

by Linda Straker

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