Ministry of Labour on the Lookout

The Ministry of Labour plans to beef up its operations when it comes to safety and health in the workplace and creating more awareness of work related issues including work permits and minimum wage.

Ministry of Labour officials last Friday as part of their final Labour Month activity made their rounds in Grenville; similar to what was done in St George’s recently, visiting businesses to ensure that workers are treated fairly according to the law.

Permanent Secretary, Javan Williams said some of the revelations were startling. He said they noticed that the conditions in some of the businesses visited are not fitting for human operations; the lighting is poor, expired goods on the shelves and insanitary areas such as washrooms.

He said these conditions call for serious concerns and the Ministry’s quest now is to cooperate with the Ministry of Health to carry out more in-depth inspections in some of the businesses in Grenville

“At the end of the day we have a better cooperation where the business person won’t be disadvantaged, but at the same time the worker would have the best health and conditions and fairness in the operations”, said Mr. Williams.

They also found some instances where workers are being paid under the stipulated minimum wage and some non nationals who are working without work permits.

Commissioner of Labour Cyrus Griffith said all workers must be treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

“We are also looking to see that workers are being paid adequately for their work and to see that employers adhere to the rules that is set out in the employment act”, said the Labour Commissioner.

Other activities included a church service, health walk and career day in Grenada and a workshop, school visits and presentation in Carriacou and Petite Martinique


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