National Monuments Committee Working to Preserve Grenada’s Heritage

Grenada National Museum
In an effort to preserve Grenada’s rich cultural and historical heritage, the National Monuments Committee has been working to identify locations that can be declared as National Heritage Landmarks (NHLs) throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

To date, over 20 sites fitting the criteria have been identified; but in order to be designated as NHLs, they must first be surveyed and gazetted by the relevant authorities.

Chairman of the Committee and Parliamentary Secretary with responsibility for Culture, the Hon. Brenda Hood says that, once all required steps are taken, the Committee hopes to furnish the sites with plaques that will highlight their importance to Grenadian history. Some sites may be designated as early as this year.

“We are working on getting one or two of the sites to be designated by the end of the year. We have a list of twelve or more sites that we are hoping to get designated next year,”Senator Hood said.

The Committee is also looking into developing a logo for all the heritage sites.

“Over the years not much attention had been paid to these sites,” Senator Hood said.

“The time has come when we have to ensure that there is something there that tells the future generations of our history, after we would have moved on. If we don’t preserve and protect them, there will be nothing left to show.”

She said that designating the sites will have more than historical benefits; it will also enhance the community tourism product.

“It may mean that some of the sites can be converted into income-generating activities. The communities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, can come up with activities to attract tourists to the sites and hence generate revenue. That is how community tourism can come into effect,” Senator Hood said.

In addition to the identification of sites, the Committee is looking into making recommendations to Cabinet for the renaming of certain monuments, sites, streets and buildings in honor of significant Grenadians.

“There are so many persons, in Grenada and abroad, who would have made contributions toward the development of the country and a lot of times we don’t recognize them. We feel that we ought to recognize them and let everybody know of their contributions,” Senator Hood said.

The Committee is also working along with the National Museum to put structures in place to gather and preserve archives of historical significance.

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