Police Officer Robbed of his Gun at Ministerial Complex

Police have confirmed that they are investigating an incident in which a police officer was robbed off his gun at the Ministerial Complex by three armed men.

“All I can say right now is that the matter is under investigation,” said Acting Head of the Criminal Investigating Department ASP Ignatius Mason. He further request that all enquiries be made at the Community Relations Department. However, the staff at the Department said that they did not have information pertaining to that incident for dissemination.

It is understood that in the early hours of Thursday morning the police officer was attacked by three men in the area where Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell, other Cabinet members and senior government officials mainly enter and exit the building, which is located at Tanteen, St George.

A contingent of police officers and staff from a private security firm are tasked with securing the six storey building which houses the majority of Government Ministries both at day and night. The robbing of the police officer at the complex happened within 24 hours of a money transfer business being robbed, and within days of the police confiscating cannabis valued at approximately EC$70,000.

A report from the Royal Grenada Police Force said that during an operation conducted on 7 October, the Drug Squad Unit of the Royal Grenada Police Force, at Corinth, St. David, discovered thirty and a quarter pounds (30 ¼ lbs) of Cannabis. The drugs carry an estimated street value of $68,947.20. No one has yet been arrested and charged.

Mason said that his Department cannot say if the three incidents are linked.

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