Still No Case of H1N1 — Ministry of Health

With NO confirmed case of the deadly Influenza A-H1N1virus present in Grenada thus far, health authorities say they will continue to be proactive and prepared.

In its latest weekly influenza news update Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. George Mitchell said above all else, the Ministry’s top priority remains putting the health and safety of Grenadians first.

He said while the region grapples with the effects of H1N1, Grenada has taken the necessary aggressive measures to keep the virus out of the country.

According to Dr. Mitchell since the report was made public some three weeks ago, the Ministry had stepped up in surveillance at the various ports of entry and has ensured that a medical practitioner was stationed at the Maurice Bishop International Airport.

“Added to that, we’ve had our nurses, doctors and health promotions officers speaking to clients and members of the public about the virus so as to empower them. We’ve also sent information packages to the public sector organisations, the churches, the banks, the schools and we have engaged the media on the issue”, explained the Ministry’s most senior health official.

Mitchell told the Government Information Services (GIS) that discussions surrounding the current situation and the measures being undertaken by the ministry were held with some of the main players such as the immigration and custom officials, airport authority, education and medical officials.

Meanwhile although the virus has been in the region since 2009, and influenza is common around this time of year the public is again being advised to stay focused, practice proper hygiene, cough etiquette and remain calm as there is no need for panic.


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