“Floatography” — The Creative Photography Exhibit

Upcoming Exhibition 2–7 December at the Grenada National Museum, entitled “Floatography”
Opening night, 2 December at 5:30 pm.


To fully understand the concept of why I choose to create these series of images entitled “Floatography” is to first understand what drives me as an artist.

To perceive something that is commonly perceived by everyone and then construct an idea around that thing — forges a template in your mind for how you are going to redesign all the factors that makes this perception what it is, turn it in to a work of art, turn it into something that the common perception would not have otherwise considered it to be — is my drive.

To me this is what “Floatography” is all about; creating something that people can relate to, something that appeals to their imagination that when they look at any piece of art it can leave a lasting impression on the mind which ultimately is my goal in everything that I do.

The idea of things and people floating in the images, to me is the equivalent of time and space. Having things floating adds emphasis to the image, takes the viewer’s eyes to a point of created and intended interest, in order to facilitate the story that I am trying to convey.

Teddy D. Frederick

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