ICT Software Assisting Police In Solving Crime

Police in Grenada has confirmed that Information, Communication and Technology equipment and applications are assisting them in solving robbery crimes especially for items that can be electronically traced.

Head of the Criminal Investigations Department, Superintendent of Police Trevor Modeste said that one of the telecommunications providers has become a major stakeholder in crime fighting and their efforts are speeding up cases the solving of cases which is now resulting in quick arrest “with hard evidence that can lead to conviction” in the court.

“We have had the assistance of LIME in a number of matters, with cases that can be solved using technological equipment,” said Modeste.

Though he did not provide the exact figures on the number of cases that LIME has assisted in solving and the arrest of suspect, Modeste said that “a significant amount” of all ICT based cases were followed. He wants to see more people install and use traceable applications on the electronic items such as telephones and computers because these applications can assist in finding them whenever they are stolen.

Modeste disclosed the involvement of LIME as crime fighting stakeholder during a news briefing on Tuesday, in which a number of electronic and other items that were stolen from people during the period 10–16 November 2013 were displayed to the media with a view for persons who lost items to come forward and claim.

These items include laptop and desktop computers; cellular phones, construction tools such as drills; home items such as perfumes, creams; medications and even a man’s suit carry the label of a dry cleaning laundry located in New York.

Modeste said that 36 persons were arrested during the period for those items with the arrested persons ranging between the ages 18 and beyond 60, with most being male.

The Criminal Investigating department wants persons, especially those who lost items during the past week, to check with the Department to claim the goods. Modeste made it clear that technology will once again be used to returning the items to the owners.

“We are looking for serial number, any special marking, passwords to access those equipment, receipts, just about thing that will confirm that the person claiming the item is indeed the rightful owner,” he said.

Linda Straker

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