Maintenance Management Workshop for BNTF Recipients

Enhancing the capacity of the key stakeholders of Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF) sub-project who were signatories to tripartite/sponsoring agreements at the time of construction of the respective BNTF sub-projects is the objective of a maintenance workshop that will be conclude at the National Stadium on Thursday.

The wide cross section of participants will include Government maintenance personnel, community group members, and also two local works supervisors, by providing training and information on how best to organise, prepare and execute preventative, routine and critical maintenance programs.

“The core focus is ‘how to manage this process’ to organize and deploy resources and ensure continuity and simultaneously foster community spirit and cohesion,” said a release from the Ministry of Finance which explained that participants will be required to prepare maintenance plans for BNTF sub-projects in Grenada as a group effort and an exercise.

“These plans will be delivered to the Facilitator and BNTF local office before the end of the workshop. It is anticipated that the preparation of yearly maintenance plans will be a regular undertaking for BNTF sub-projects and other community infrastructure in Grenada,” the release said.

The four day comprehensive workshop on the Management of Maintenance came following a Mid-term evaluation of the BNTF programme which indicated that lack of maintenance of sub-projects was a serious concern and it was further indicated that Project Monitoring Committees (PMCs) lack the skills to carry out such maintenance.

All participants to the workshop are expected to gain knowledge in maintenance management and an appreciation of the need to support, encourage, assist and propagate the principles learnt on similar projects in Grenada.

The session will also include maintenance techniques for other key building elements (building enclosures, roof and structural elements) and general site and auxiliary components such as landscaping, site drainage, trestle & water tanks and water disposal.

The BNTF is a project of the Caribbean Development Bank.

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