New Chairman for Public Service Commission

Attorney-at-law Derick Sylvester is the new chairman of the Public Service Commission. He received his instrument of appointment Friday 22 November  2013, and had his first meeting on Monday. The other members of the five member commission are: Hudson McPhail, Prescot Swan, Madonna Harford and DeLano Viechweg.

Section 83 of the Constitution says that there shall be a Public Service Commission for Grenada which shall consist of a Chairman and four other members. Sylvester replaces Gloria Payne whose appointment came to an end recently.

The PSC contributes to an impartial Public Service with a high standard of competence, efficiency and integrity by giving advice and making binding recommendations to the Prime Minister on:

  • the making of appointments to public offices (or posts in the Public Service)
  • the removal of persons from such office
  • the exercise of disciplinary control over public officers

The PSC provides assurance that all actions concerning recruitment, promotions and appointments within the Public Service are:

  • made in an equitable, fair and impartial manner
  • free from favouritism, patronage and discrimination
  • based on the principle of merit

It is also the duty of the Commission to ensure that disciplinary action against public officers is fair, expeditious and effective.

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