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Statement By The Ministers of The Former NDC Government Regarding The Increase In Ministers Salaries.

We, the former Ministers in the previous National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government, have decided to forego (refuse) any and all monies that the NNP Government claims we are entitled to, as back pay, on account of the increases in salaries negotiated by the trade unions on behalf of public officers.

We have taken this decision as a demonstration of our readiness to make sacrifices for the betterment of our country, our commitment to doing what is necessary for the collective good of Grenada and our sensitivity to the plight of the thousands of Grenadians who are living in poverty and without jobs to support their families at this time.

We take the position that as Ministers of Government, we were not members of the unions which negotiated on behalf of the public officers and that the said unions did not negotiate salary increases on our behalf.

We state that the policy of claiming an increase in the salary of Ministers to match the increase negotiated by the unions on behalf of public officers is an NNP Government policy. This policy was adopted and implemented during their thirteen (13) years of political arrogance and economic recklessness. It has never been the policy of any NDC Government.

We note that in his recent pronouncements, including his most recent Address to the nation, The Prime Minister and Minister of Finance has been lamenting the large wage bill of the Government and calling on all Grenadians to make sacrifices for the collective good of our country.

In those circumstances, we regard the decision of the NNP Cabinet of Ministers to give themselves an increase in salaries at this time as highly offensive. In our view, this decision constitutes deep-seated selfishness, callousness and deceit. It proves beyond doubt that Dr. Mitchell and the NNP Ministers are not prepared to make any sacrifices and lead by example.

We are of the view that this decision by the NNP Ministers to take an increase in salaries demonstrates a total lack of compassion, respect and regard for the plight of the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

We therefore call on Prime Minister Dr. Mitchell and the NNP Cabinet of Ministers to match the commitment to sacrifice given here by the NDC former Ministers of Government and reverse the 6 percent increase in salaries they have taken for themselves.

We demand that the lump sum payment taken by the Cabinet of Ministers at the end of October retroactive from May 1st 2013 be returned to the treasury.

We insist that the decision to take a 6 percent increase in salary to be added to the salaries of Ministers for the month of November and all future months be immediately reversed.

We call on all right thinking Grenadians, including the Business Community, the Labour Unions, the Community Service Organisations, the Conference of Churches and other Faith-based Organisations, Workers, Farmers, Fishermen, Bus drivers, Taxi drivers, Tradesmen, students and all others not specifically mentioned to join us in this call.

We state that this action by the NNP Ministers is unfair and unconscionable and must not be accepted by the Grenadian people!!!

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