Tours and Attractions Operators Form Association


A number of tours and attractions operators in the tourism sector have come together and established the Grenada Tour & Attraction Operators Association Inc with an objective of strengthening and improving visitors experience to Grenada.

The entity will officially be launched on 13 November at Bananas night club. Scheduled to start at 7 pm the highlight will be the presentation of foundation members and speeches officially include representatives from the Ministry of Tourism.

Founding members are:

  • Mr. Roger Spronk – Banana Boat Tours
  • Mrs. Johanna Kostka – Sunsation Tours
  • Mrs. Charmaine Otway – Insight Tourism
  • Mr. Gerrit Van ‘t dack – Grenada Discovery Train
  • Mr. Pierre-Jean Spinosi – Grenada Sea Sun Adventure
  • Mr. Howard Clarke – Seafaris
  • Mr. Mosden Cumberbatch – First Impressions
  • Mr. Randal Robinson  – Adventure Jeep Tour
  • Mrs. Marielle Alexander –  St. James Travel & Tours

A press release from the Association said that Government plays an important role in the development of the tourism sector but they are not the only ones. “What better way than to join forces and work together with Government in improving the standards of our industry and thus the perception of our visitors. This is the background that has led a group of industry stakeholders to form the Grenada Tour & Attraction Operators Association,” said the release which explained that both groups, Tour and Attraction Operators, work closely together and are dependent of each other.

“Very often they have the same interests and similar issues and concerns making the boundary between both categories unclear. This is why both groups need to be joined in one Association,” the release said.

The takers of this initiative presented their motives and invited all existing industry stakeholders to join the Association and to work together to improve the quality of the visitors to our islands experience by implementing standards that will increase professionalism in the Tourism Industry; co-operate with Authorities whenever issues arise that affect the industry; consult Government on propositions for policy and closely work together with Institutes to promote our destination. Using data contributed by its members the Association will conduct market studies and analysis, to help its members decide on strategies for their individual enterprises. All these initiatives will lead to tying down our local companies and ensuring a sustainable industry run by local stakeholders for the benefit of our local economy.

Membership applications and all requests for information can be raised with the Associations Secretary Mr. Gerrit Van ‘t dack, by email at: [email protected].

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