Judge Refuses Ewart Layne

Ewart Layne

A Judge in Grenada ruled against Ewart Layne becoming a member of the local bar.

Layne is one of the 17 persons who served 25 years in jail for the killing of former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and others. He achieved the necessary academic qualification to become a lawyer, but it is standard practice for a legally trained person to apply to the Court for admittance to Bar.

On Thursday, Justice Margaret Price-Findley ruled against his request. Although members of the Grenada Bar Association argued for his admittance during the hearing, in her oral judgment she indicated that Layne’s role in the collapse of the Grenada Revolution and subsequent conviction for murder and time served at the prison, were the base for her refusal.

Layne said that he will be appealing the judgment to the OECS Court of Appeal.

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