Message to Parents for Christmas Season

Parents and guardians are urged to supervise and closely monitor their children since they are at home for the holidays.

Ensure that they are not partaking in activities that are inappropriate for their age group. Rather, provide attractive alternatives for them so that they are occupied and not just sitting idly while adults attend shows and parties. For example, organise family oriented activities such as picnics, movie night, attend Christmas concerts together, or a night of carolling since this is the Christmas Season.

Additionally, ensure that children under 18 years of age are not consuming alcoholic beverages.  An alternative can be to provide them with drinks that they may not normally have at their disposal during the year. That way they can still enjoy that special treat and not feel left out.

In selecting toys, games, books and gadgets as gifts for your child, do not limit them to only what is advertised for a girl or a boy. Consider that girls and boys should have equal opportunity to learn and share a variety of skills and experiences during play and relaxation.

Remember to be a responsible parent this Christmas Season!

Remember to be a SPICY Parent this Christmas Season!

  • S-SPEAK to your children about the positive behaviours that you expect of them.
  • P-PAY attention to your children at home and away from home. Pay attention to the company that they keep.
  • I-INSPIRE good behaviour in your children by displaying appropriate behaviour yourself.
  • C-CHECK with your children so that you are always aware of their whereabouts (always keep in touch).
  • Y-YOU are fully responsible for your children, so take control. 

A message from the National Parenting Programme of the Ministry of Social Development and Housing.


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