$3,000 and 3 Months in Jail for Selling Alcohol to Minors

As schools prepare to host their annual track and field meets, Ministry of Education officials have issued a warning to vendors informing them that they can be jailed and fined if they violate the National School’s Policy on Drugs on the compound of the events.

The policy prohibits the sale, distribution and use of alcoholic beverages at school functions. Officials of the Drug Control Secretariat said that the use, sale and distribution of alcohol and alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, hemp, controlled drugs or any mood-altering substances at any school function, including athletic meetings, is a violation of the National Schools’ Policy on Drugs.

Vendors are also urged to be mindful that the sale of alcoholic drinks to minors is an offence under the Liquor Dealers’ Licenses, CAP 174, of Grenada. According to that legislation the penalty for any person charge and convict under that act is a fine of three thousand dollars and imprisonment for three months for the first offence. and for the second or any subsequent offence, to a fine of five thousand dollars and imprisonment for six months.

The Liquor Dealers’ Licenses Act makes it an offence to sell liquor to juveniles, sell or deliver or supply or knowingly permit to be sold or delivered or supply to any person under the age of sixteen years any intoxicating liquor (excepting such liquors as are sold or delivered or supplied in corked or sealed vessels for consumption off the premises only); or permit any such person to drink any intoxicating liquor on his or her premises.

Reminding athletes, coaches and other persons that “the consumption of alcoholic beverages are detrimental to the health and performance of all persons, including athletes”, the Drug Control Secretariat which is based in the Ministry of Education said that research is showing overwhelmingly that alcohol use and athleticism do not go hand in hand.

“Alcohol can cause severe dehydration and staggering electrolyte imbalances. Dehydration can also lead to severe brain impairment and even death when coupled with extreme temperatures and intense practices. Athletes that are dehydrated are at greater risk for injuries including: cramps, muscle pulls, and muscle strains,” said a statement from the Ministry of Education.

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