Berean Christian Academy — Poised to Grow

The first weeks of this new year saw Berean Christian Academy embarking on a project that will benefit both the students and community. With the theme, “Grow Grenada”, the school has joined with the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a spice orchard in of St. George’s city. The school sits on almost 2 acres of land, poised strategically between Lucas Street and Woolwich road. The purpose of this orchard will be for the education of the children, the edification of the community and the enrichment of the tourist product. 

Susan Mains, Acting Chairman of the school board commented, “We visited with the folks at Ashenden nursery in St. David shortly after their participation at World Food Day at the Stadium. We were shocked when they reported that many Grenadian school children who passed their booth did not know what a nutmeg looked like.” From this encounter and discussions with the school board and parents, it was decided that the best use for the land that is currently covered in bush would be to develop it into an green oasis in the city, where the chief inhabitants will be a great variety of spice trees, along with cocoa.

A visit to the school with senior officer in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. James Mahorn, and Ms. Smith secured the interest of the ministry to get involved. A second site visit included a delegation from the Chinese agricultural mission, who has promised assistance with the erection of a greenhouse nursery on the site. The teachers and students will be involved in the learning process of what is necessary for the propagation and caring of the plants. Further, it is hoped that the children will learn and take to heart the great benefits to Grenada agriculture provides. Eventually, a visitor site will be developed, so that visitors can easily access and sample the many spices grown. The location of the school is ideal for this, as it overlooks the beautiful Carenage of St. George’s.

Berean Christian Academy is a private, non-profit school that has been educating children in Grenada for the past 42 years. It is committed to the home, church, and school working together to raise children who are prepared for life. The Japanese proponent of permaculture, Fukuoka, said “The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.” The “Grow Grenada” project is a part of this holistic approach. More information is available at the website



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