Cambridge GCE Registration Period

Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development informs the general public that the registration period for the May/June 2014 sitting of Cambridge G.C.E. “AS” and “A” Level Examinations is from Thursday 2 January 2014, to Friday 31 January 2014.

The cost of one AS or A2 Subject is $286.00; this is the sum of the entry fee $93.00, subject fee $168.00, and local fee $25.00.

The cost of one A’ Level Subject is $368.00; this is the sum of the entry fee $93.00, subject fee $250.00, and local fee $25.00.

The entry and local fees are only paid once in the instance of multiple subjects.

Fees are paid at the Treasury/District Revenue Office.

Private Candidates must submit their receipt of payment along with a birth certificate or a passport to the Examinations Unit at the Ministry of Education to complete your registration process.

All candidates are asked to register early to avoid the last minute rush.

NOTE: There will be NO O’ LEVEL sitting for June 2014


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