Illegal Dumping “Hot Spots”

Grenadian Health officials have identified several areas throughout the island as illegal dumping “Hot Spots” and are moving swiftly to curb the problem which has far reaching negative health and economic impacts.

A list with over twenty illegal dumping sites was presented to the Chief Medical Officer and Chairman of the planning committee, Dr. George Mitchell, for the February 1 and 2 National Clean-up Campaign, during its meeting on Wednesday.

Mitchell was shocked at the revelation as the areas were listed by acting Chief Environmental Health Officer — Francis Balwant, who indicated that the sites were identified by his team of environmental health inspectors.

Balwant told the meeting that the list was 90% completed and that the numbers will increase as some of the inspectors were still out in the field conducting the necessary investigations.

The Ministry of Health has organized an island-wide cleanup code named, “Operation Clean Sweep” which is expected to address indiscriminate and illegal dumping, reduction of mosquito breed sites, environmental enhancement and improving its preventative mechanisms/strategies in keeping out the emerging Chikungunya virus (ChickV).

Some of the areas of concern to the Health Ministry includes; the Belmont Fall Edge, Calliste, Frequente, Baillies Bacolet, Swazan Swazi, Better Village, the Halifax Bay Perseverance, Mabouya, Coast Guard, Tufton Hall, Trench Town, Telescope and Bylands to name a few.

During Wednesday’s meeting there was consensus that these areas must be targeted during next weekend’s cleanup campaign.


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