National Dish Day

The Grenada Food and Nutrition Council will present “National Dish Day” on  6 Feb 2014. Orders are filling up quickly, so to ensure you don’t miss out on the Council’s mouth watering and nutritious Oil Down call 440-2126 to secure your order.

In addition, “Eat Local, Buy Local Campaign” will be launched on the same day at the Botanical Gardens in support of our local consumption. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to enjoy the national dish “Oil Down” as a prelude to our independence which will be celebrated on 7 Feb 2014 at the National Stadium.

“OIL DOWN” is an amalgamation of food items prepared into an enjoyable and satisfying dish. It may include: Food from Animalmeats (if desired), Vegetables – carrots, beans, callaloo/dasheen leaves, and seasonings such as turmeric, onions, thyme, chive, celery, garlic etc., Staples – Corn/whole wheat/cassava flour and white flour for dumplings and provision such as breadfruit, green banana, yam and sweet potato. Fats and Oils – Coconut (milk).

There are numerous nutritional benefits from these four food groups. Food from Animals: provides essential fatty acids and builds and maintains muscles.Vegetables: help heal wounds, Help cells use oxygen and help build strong teeth and bone, maintain healthy skin, eye, digestive system, tongue and nervous system. Staples: help the body cells obtain energy from food. Fats and Oils: Supply concentrated energy and essential fatty acids and helps the body use other nutrients, e.g. Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, K.

Traditionally, OIL DOWN included salted meats, smoked herring and salted Cod. In recent times, there are other options such as vegetarian and vegan, fish is used as a replacement for meat or in the case of Vegans, tofu or no meat at all.

To decrease the quantity of harmful fat and sodium included into the Oil Down, the skin from meats can be trimmed, the fat on the salt meat cut off and the salt meat soaked and parboiled before being added to the final pot.

More vegetables are added to improve the nutritional content of the Oil Down and to add variety in colours and flavours.

Coconut milk is an ingredient that binds the OIL DOWN together, preferably fresh coconut from the shell.

Happy Independence!

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