Second “Grenada 17” Former Prisoner Launching Book

A second revolutionary who served time in prison for the killing of Maurice Bishop and others, will be launching a book which is said to include information about his personal experience during the revolutionary period of 13 March 1979 to 18 October 1983.

The second “Grenada 17” writer is Kamau McBarnette who said that this extraordinary book is at one and the same time a work of “literature and of history”. “It is told with poetic flair, in language which brings vividly to life the environment and culture of the first Grenadians, the Caribs and Arawaks, the wars of conquest and occupation of these Grenadians, and their final stand against the French at Leapers’ Hill in Sauteurs,” said the synopsis of the book which is called by “My Mother and I: The epic story of Grenada.”

The 342 pg book tells the horrors of slavery, and the several wars between the British and the French for ownership of Grenada are compellingly captured. The anti-British, anti-slavery rebellion of 1795–1796, led by Julien Fedon, is narrated in nail-biting style, as are the Grenada ex-Servicemen’s riot of 1920, and the Eric Gairy–led 1951 Revolution. The 1973–1974 anti-Gairy mass uprising, the 1979-1983 Grenada Revolution, and the crisis, tragedy and US military invasion, all in October 1983, are dramatically narrated.

“The author finds intriguing ways to explore the continuity, and essential unity, of all these many conflicts and struggles of its many different peoples over the four centuries of Post-Columbian history,” said the synopsis which explains that this docu-novel grabs you the attention of the readers from the opening chapters, and compels reader to keep reading to its very end.

“You can see the mountains and valleys, the trees and grass, the bays and sunsets as they are described, and feel the sea breezes on your face that McBarnette paints with arresting imagery. Likewise, you picture the chief protagonists whom he portrays in each major dramatic phase of Grenada’s turbulent history. This is a work which will bring sheer enjoyment to adults and students alike, even as it educates and inspires,” said the review.

“The book is not yet available in local stores, but is likely to be next month when the official launch is expected to be held,” McBarnette said. The book is published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform and is currently available online.

The first “Grenada 17” to make the announcement about his book was Joseph Ewart Layne whose book is titled “We Move Tonight.”

by Linda Straker

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