Grenada in Arrears to OECS Supreme Court

The Grenada Government has disclosed that monies the country owes to the OECS Supreme Court date back to three years ago.

The Keith Mitchell Administration, which has been in office for just a year, says, however, that it has begun the process of paying the outstanding amount.

Attorney General, Cajeton Hood, says Grenada owes the regional court $3.3 million dollars and one-third of that amount is being paid.

“If you look at it proportionally, I believed that there were arrears due since the year 2011. The contributions are calculated on an annual basis, so if it happens that you do not pay your yearly contribution it backs up into an arrears,” Hood said during a post-cabinet news conference on Tuesday.

“The $3.3 million will take into consideration arrears which existed since 2011 and arrears that would have accumulated up to date.”

A Supreme Court Sitting which was to be held in Grenada from 24–28 February has been withdrawn. Legal Affairs Minister, Elvin Nimrod, says he believes the decision of the court came about because the previous administration refused to pay.

“The last payment made to that body was in 2011. If you do the math you would realise what role NDC played in actually bringing about this situation today,” Nimrod said.

“In other words, NDC, I should say today, has occasioned this embarrassment of which they speak and so should not be heard now complaining about it.”


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