Launch of Skills Training Programme for Women at NEWLO

The Ministry of Social Development and Housing, Division of Gender and Family Affairs, will be launching their Skills Training Project for Women at the New Life Organization (NEWLO).

The launch is scheduled for Wednesday, 26 February at 2:00 p.m. at the NEWLO centre at Palmiste, St John.

The project is funded by the European Development Fund (EDF) and is expected to take on at least 40 women to participate in each of the technical courses for the issuance of certification in the various course areas.

One of the key objectives of this project is to “increase the employability of our clients through Educational Training Programmes”.

Courses offered include Bartending, Restaurant Service, Agro Food Processing, Electrical and General Construction, Commercial Food Preparation, Computer Graphics or Programming and Technical Drawing.

All participants will be trained in life skills which will include topics such as Personal Development and Self-awareness; Grooming; Gender Awareness; and Business Skills, which will include Basic Accounting and Record Keeping, Marketing, Customer Service, Building a Business and the types of business among others.

The participants are provided with transportation for the duration of their training.

In general the programme targets women who are in financial difficulties due to unemployment or underemployment.

The target groups for this programme would be:

  1. Members of households that receive Safety Net Programmes
  2. Victims of Domestic Violence
  3. Underemployed women who head single parent families
  4. Women who are the sole bread winners in their families


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