CDB to Support Home Grown Programme

A team from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is currently in Grenada to prepare a policy-based loan in support of Grenada’s Home Grown Programme. The expected funding is US$30 million and will be in the form of budgetary support to the Government of Grenada.


The Mission is led by Dr. Justin Ram, Director of Economics at the CDB. The mission team includes representatives in the areas of private sector development, environmental sustainability, education and economics.

While in Grenada, the team is also preparing a Country Strategy Paper for Grenada. This Strategy Paper will include support for Grenville Market Development; small business development; student loans; the national education sector strategy and environmental sustainability. The expected funding is US$30-35 million for specific projects in the referenced areas.

CDB is a longstanding and development partner of Grenada.

Ministry of Finance & Energy

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