Deadline to Declare Assets Missed by Some Parliamentarians

Not all parliamentarians have met the deadline to declare their asset to the Office of the Integrity Commission which had set aside 4–5 March  as the days when members of the both the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament were to present the information.

Eunice E. Sandy-David, Office Manager, said a small group of Parliamentarians have officially made the request to the Office seeking an extension. “They are out of State and have officially informed the Office why they are unable to present on the designated days and a new date and time was requested,” said Sandy-David who was not willing to provide the names of those who did not meet the deadline. It is known that Tourism Minister Alexandria Otway-Noel is presently out of State on Government Business as she is attending ITB 2014.

Grenada Public Life legislation came into effect in 2013 though the original law was approved in 2007. Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell as head of Government was the first to present his documentation to the Office on Tuesday.

“I am extremely happy to be part of this initiative, part of this process,” Dr Mitchell said, presenting his documentation of declaration to the Chairman and other members of the Integrity Commission. He indicated that his assets are not only in Grenada but also in the USA as he had invested heavily in real estate while he was a professor.

According to the legislation there are 33 categories of persons listed as public life officials, and it includes all public officers including non established officer receiving a salary in excess of EC$2,000 per month. Other persons on the lists include: Parliamentarians; chairman and deputy chairmen of statutory boards; magistrates and members of the public service commission.

The Commission and every person performing any function in the service of the commission shall treat all declarations, records, or information as secret and confidential and shall not disclose or communicate to any authorised person. Where an authorised person publishes information that is secret or confidential commits and offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding EC$20,000 or to a term of imprisonment of one year or both fine and imprisonment.

According to the code of conduct, a person in public life shall not engage in any activity or transaction or acquire any position or function whether paid or unpaid, that is incompatible with or detracts from the proper performance of his or her duties as a public official.

With regard to political or public activity, the code says that a person in public life shall ensure that none of his or her political activities or involvement or political or public debates impairs the confidence of the public and his or her employers in his or her ability to perform his or her duties impartially or loyally.


Photo (GIS): PM Keith Mitchell hands his documents to chairperson of the commission, retired justice Monica Joseph

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