New GM at Spicemas Corporation

The Spicemas Corporation (SMC) has a new General Manager. Amanda Smith brings a wealth of Marketing and other managerial skills to the position and is expected to successfully steer the Spicemas Corporation to the hosting of several successful Spicemas.

Known for her managerial guidance which contributed to the recent successes on the international circuit of local artistes Lesly “Brother B” Modeste, Smith will be contributing not just artistes management, but a wide array of guidance and professionalism to the execution of Grenada’s Premiere Cultural festival — Carnival.

In congratulating and welcoming the new General Manager, Chairman of the Board Alister Bain said, “Her addition not just adds to the staff at the Corporation but also better position the Statutory body to benefit from her experience, skills and connections in the European Market as the board prepares to open its wings and sell Grenada’s Premiere cultural festival for what it is, the safest and best summer festival in the world”.

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