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Ministry of Finance, Financial Complex, Saint George’s

The draft document titled “Grenada Social Compact: A partnership for the sustainable development of Grenada for the benefit of all its people” is available online for review and comments.

The 28-page document was developed as a collaborative effort by the Committee of Social Partners. It covers 9 points viz

  • Preamble
  • Statement Of Intent
  • Development Objectives And Desired Impacts
  • Improving The Economic Framework For Grenada
  • Facilitating Labour-Management Relations
  • Promoting Sustainable And Meaningful Livelihoods
  • Promoting Integrated Social Development
  • Coordinating Mechanism
  • Code Of Conduct

The Preamble states that the scope of the Compact will include, but is not be limited to:

  • Improving the Economic Framework for the development of the people of Grenada
  • Facilitating Good Labour-Management Relations
  • Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods for all Grenadians
  • Promoting Integrated Social and Community Development

The Statement Of Intent states that The Social Partners will work together to ensure that the gains of development are shared

  • equitably among all sectors of the society: workers and employers; men and women; youth and the
  • aged; rural and urban; people living with diasbilities and that all Grenadians will have a strong
  • sense of ownership of their country.

Other elements in the comprehensive document include

  • Promoting National Productivity and International Competitiveness
  • Enterprise Restructuring
  • Personal Development
  • Poverty Alleviation and Poverty Reduction
  • Balanced Health and Wellness

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Source: The Ministry Of Finance

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