Heritage Theatre: 600 Performances

600 performances in 14 countries over 25 years. The foundation members of Heritage Theatre Company will this year mark their silver milestone with a number of activities.

A news release from the group said, “Since its formation, the group has been on stage more than 600 times in 14 different countries, acting as cultural ambassadors, largely performing our own material. This has consisted of full length plays as well as our own special Made In Grenada comedic performances.”

The activities will include the special staging of the group’s best comedic pieces in ‘Vintage Heritage’ scheduled for the Grenada Trade Centre on 3–4 May and again on 10–11 May.

“A significant part of our work has been in the area of educational theatre, in which themes like family life education, teenage sexuality, HIV prevention, good governance and environmental degradation have been dealt with,” said the release. “We have created synergies through partnering with various institutions in the public and private sector in order to undertake productions for stage and radio, and also to conduct training for young people on how to use drama as a medium of empowerment to solve problems.”

Christopher DeRiggs is the main  scriptwriter and artistic director for Heritage. Other well-known cast members are DeLeon Walters and Robert White. Heritage members and management are presently in dialogue with new partners to globally project Grenadian theatre and film.

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