Venezuela Pledges Funds For Hunger Reduction

Hon Oliver Joseph, Minister for Economic Development, Trade, Planning and Co-operatives, and Peter David represented Grenada in Venezuela last weekend, where the Government of Venezuela pledged funding to Petro Caribe member states.

The pledge was made to eradicate hunger and poverty in Grenada and other Petro Caribe member states in Latin America and the Caribbean.

On Tuesday, Minister Joseph told members of the media that five areas have been identified for support. “Grenada is part of this initiative and we stand to benefit from this drive to eradicate hunger and poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean. They clearly outline what needs to be done in order to eradicate poverty, and Venezuela will offer support to member states for this initiative.”

Ministers responsible for Petro Caribe will meet in June in Venezuela, when the funding will be committed for the programme.

Source: GIS

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