Aspire To A Locavore Lifestyle

I am a vegetarian! is a very familiar phrase that is not confused. Its significance is quite clear to that of no meat consumption. However, there is another type of individual that the Grenada Food and Nutrition Council will like to introduce, a “Locavore”.

We aspire to be a Locavore and will like to recommend the lifestyle to you. But you might be asking, who is a Locavore? And why would I want to associate myself with this type of individual?

A Locavore is an individual who has made a conscious decision to consume locally grown foods within a very immediate vicinity to where he or she lives. Bearing in mind the practice of how the food was grown or reared, ensuring it is organic, nutritious, minimally processed and safe for consumption.

Foods that fit into this definition are fresher and tastier, higher in nutritional content, safe to consume due to the absence of synthetic and chemical fertilisers which are used to boost growth. Farming that does not include these substances are safer for the environment and essentially our health. Local consumption supports a more viable local economy and a healthier nation by contributing to the following:

  • Decreased use of imported foods that are strongly responsible for the high import bill
  • Increased production and consumption of local produce
  • Greater income for local farmers
  • Decreased medical debt
  • More productive nation

Who benefits: Everyone.

  • The government’s spending can be redirected to nation building rather than medical bills.
  • Employers experience higher productivity and less absenteeism from sick leaves.
  • Local producers gain increased revenue and avenues for expansion.
  • Individuals increase their longevity.

Whatever your food preferences and choices, we encourage you to keep it local and adopt a Locavore lifestyle. If you have not been practicing the steps we recommend that you S.T.A.R.T!



By Cristina Swan Hinds BSc & Marcia Cameron BSc, MBA
Grenada Food and Nutrition Council

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