Claude Douglas To IMANI: National Pride

Claude Douglas addressing IMANI participants

New IMANI participants were challenged to be good representations of National Pride, on Friday 2 May, when Batch 1 and Batch 2 participants from mainland Grenada, converged at the National Stadium for a quarterly meeting.


Registration began at 8am. The meeting continued with updates on the programme, and testimonies from trainees, and concluded with a motivational address from university lecturer and author, Claude Douglas. National Pride was the theme of his presentation.

Douglas highlighted the importance of being patriotic not only in February, when the island celebrates Independence, but throughout the year. He reminded the trainees that their youthfulness and vibrancy is what Grenada needs to survive all the political and economic distress. Douglas charged the trainees to be patriotic and be good representations in all their endeavors; through their job training, when they walk, how they speak and the way they dress. He said that having the greatest amount of respect for oneself will show the level of respect one has for their country.


The IMANI participants were challenged to be good examples and to accept their responsibility of assisting with the development of Grenada. Douglas reiterated that National Pride summarises ‘nation building, productivity on the job, punctuality and regularity, attitude towards work and attitude toward authority.’ Douglas is adamant that with the right attitude and proper work ethic, the production levels within the workforce will increase, thus boosting the economy.

The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs endorses the presentation by Claude Douglas, as being relevant to the IMANIs’ on the job training experience. A date for the Carriacou meeting is to be announced.

Source: Ministry of Youth, Sports, & Religious Affairs

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