IMANI Training Focus Is Hospitality And Agriculture

Cosmetology is the one programme that will not be offered when the third batch of IMANI Trainees begin the programme as of 1 June. Instead there will be a heavy focus on hospitality arts and agriculture sectors.

Youth Minister Emmaline Pierre disclosed that cosmetology will no longer be offered as part of the government training programme. “When we look at the areas for great potential we see a need for training in the hospitality sector, so we are going to focus on that industry, along with agriculture.”

The IMANI training is an 18 month government programme aimed at providing young people with training in various careers, professions and skills, with a view to make them become employable and marketable for employment.

Those who have applied for the programme will be called back for a second interview to review their present status, and to identify areas of interest. Those who applied for training in areas that are not available will be encouraged to participate in programmes that are available.

The third batch is expected to comprise of 1,000 young people between the ages of 16 and 35. The financial compensation for each area of training varies, based on qualification, but generally is between $700 and $900. Since the programme began last year, two batches of 1,000 trainees were admitted to the programme with a significant amount already gaining permanent employment. As a result, their names have been removed from the trainee list. More than 300 young people who failed to comply with the regulations of the programme were terminated, with no expectations to return to the programme.

By Linda Straker

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