Minister Hood Receives ‘Spirits Of Grenada’s Nutmeg’

Spirits of Grenada's Nutmeg - PrensNelo 2014

Yesterday, Minister for Culture Brenda Hood, was delighted to receive ‘Spirits of Grenada’s Nutmeg’, from Haitian artist Jean Renel Pierre-Louis (PrensNelo), at her office in the Ministerial Complex.

Minister Hood and PrensNelo with Spirits of Grenada's Nutmeg
Minister Hood and PrensNelo with Spirits of Grenada’s Nutmeg

‘Spirits of Grenada’s Nutmeg’ combines Grenada’s petroglyphs, carnival, and the nutmeg – elements of Grenada’s history, culture and economy, and is executed in PrensNelo’s unique style.

As he continues his visual arts/cultural residency in Grenada, in collaboration with local artist Suelin Low Chew Tung, the Grenadian environment is becoming more apparent in his recent works. The Grenada residency is also supported by Erik Johnson and Meg Conlon of the Caribbean Art project (CAp), an organisation established in 2007, to promote the visual arts of Grenada.

PrensNelo has collaborated with several artists, as well as given artist talks to secondary school students and students from TAMCC. He has also participated in cultural events, facilitated workshops and publicly exhibited artworks created during the residency, as part of his residency requirements.

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