Kudos for Sandals LaSource Staff

Recently Sandals LaSource received guest feedback from Theodore Rucker, and have shared it with the public. “Too many times all we hear about are the things we could have done better … sharing a very proud moment for us at Sandals LaSource and recognising the people and our partners who make these moments possible,” said Raelene Lazarus, Sandals Public Relations Manager, in an email. The letter follows:

Sandals Management:

I am writing this letter to let the management of Sandals know how amazing the staff is at the La Source Grenada location. My wife and I vacationed at the La Source location during 2-9 May, 2014. It was an amazing Sandals experience as usual. This was the fourth visit for us and we have grown to expect nothing less than the best. While my wife and I are just beginning to travel the world, Sandals is always the first vacation destination that we think about when we start our planning. Although I can go on and on about how incredible the resorts are, I want to tell you about my experience when we left Grenada and landed in Miami, Florida.

When we landed in Miami and headed to the security checkpoint to catch our connecting flight to Atlanta, GA, I noticed that I left my laptop at the airport in Grenada. Now I know that this is not a great emergency, but I am a small business owner and to put it mildly, the laptop is the backbone of my business. At this point, I begin to panic because my laptop contains sensitive client information. I then called my travel agent Terri Flood, (the best travel agent in the world); she then contacted Francine Stewart, Resort Sales Manager. At this point, Francine contacted the Grenada airport to verify that I left my laptop in the security area. The airport management confirmed that I left my computer there and held it until Francine was able to retrieve it.

Once the Sandals management was in possession of the laptop, Francine Stewart along with Vivian Lander, Executive Administrative Assistant, made sure that my laptop was shipped to me fully secured and undamaged. Throughout this whole process, the Sandals staff along with my travel agent was fully supportive and informed me of what was going on during each step. Since I received the computer, I have bragged on and on about how incredible the Sandals staff are. I would to like to commend Francine Stewart and Vivian Lander for their extraordinary efforts and truly appreciated their help. After this episode, we truly feel like Sandals isn’t just a vacation resort, but a part of our lives. Every time we see a Sandals commercial on TV, a part of us gets a little sad, because we wish we were there. But then we smile because we think of the wonderful times that we have had. Please accept this letter as a sincere and heart felt, Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

Theodore Rucker

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