Love The Land You Live On

Aden Forteau, Chief Forestry Officer, with students along the bank of the Beausejour River.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment Agriculture recently commemorated the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) annual “World day to Combat Desertification” on 17 June, under the slogan “Land Belongs to the Future, Let’s Climate Proof it.”

The ministry staged a Land Degradation Prevention Field event in collaboration with Roberts Caribbean Ltd. The event featured demonstrations of good cultural practices in crop production at Mr Antoine’s farm located in Beausejour, St George’s, to raise awareness of the importance of climate smart land use practices in preventing land degradation.

Students and teachers from the Uganda Catholic Primary and Happy Hill Secondary Schools, officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and members of the Northern Eastern Farmers Organisation (NEFO) were in attendance. The event chaired by Dianne Roberts, Environmental and Development Specialist of Roberts Caribbean was declared a successful one. Officials who presented at this important event included Garvin Campbell from Western Agriculture District, Michael Mason from Land Use Division and Allison Haynes from the Agronomy Division.

Aden Forteau, Chief Forestry Officer, led students in an exciting demonstration of best soil and water conservation practices. Students were given the opportunity to plant appropriate vegetation along the bank of the Beausejour River under the direction of the Forestry Department in an effort to develop advocates for sustainable land management. In conclusion, the Roberts Caribbean team led students in echoing the sentiments of the Ministry of Agriculture “Love the Land you Live on,” and reminded all attendees to continue practicing sustainable land management as part of our national responsibility.

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