31 July Deadline Capital Bank Small Depositors


31 July is the deadline by which small depositors of Capital Bank should collect their cheques. 

The Government of Grenada wishes to advise all small depositors of Capital Bank International Ltd (Cap Bank), who have not yet collected their cheques under the Capital Bank International Limited – In Receivership (“Capital Bank”) Small Depositors Relief Programme (the “Programme”), that they should collect their cheques before and no later than 31 July, 2014 at which date the Relief Programme will come to an end.

The cheques can be collected as follows:

  1. DRO, Gouyave, St John
  2. DRO, Sauteurs, St Patrick
  3. DRO, St David
  4. DRO, Victoria, St Mark
  5. DRO, Grenville, St Andrew
  6. DRO, Carriacou
  7. Cash Office, Petite Martinique
  8. Treasury, Carenage, St George

The general public may recall that in May 2014, Government announced its decision to make payments to Small Depositors of Capital Bank with savings accounts of $500 or less, inclusive of accrued interest to 15 February, 2008, and less any outstanding loans or other indebtedness by the Small Depositors to Capital Bank.

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