Asher Mains: Re\ Vision

Artwork by Asher Mains, taken from Art and Soul Gallery FB page

To a cadre of very appreciate art collectors, Art and Soul Mains opened its doors on Saturday evening to present the work of Asher Mains. Several people who walked through the doors immediately declared, “I have never seen anything like this before.”

When you look at Asher Mains, one would hardly think that he would have already been exhibiting his paintings for 20 years in Grenada, but don’t be fooled by the youthful appearance.

Sitting at the feet of noted local painter, Susan Mains, he had full access to her studio from the time he was a toddler.  Apparently this full immersion education worked, because Asher Mains is now showing a fully mature painting style.  On July 12th he will open a solo show at Art and Soul Gallery at Spiceland Mall.  Art enthusiasts can expect an intriguing visual experience from his mixed media work.  From classic oil painting technique, to construction, he explores people in his environment.

Asher says, “You will see faces in my work that are both familiar and unfamiliar. My work is inseparable from the people in my environment. There are several pieces inspired by the people and patterns of Shakespeare Mas in Carriacou. The combination of techniques used in the paintings reflects a similar amalgamation of culture and history that resulted in Shakespeare Mas itself. The duct tape that is used to wrap the bullwhip is the same duct tape I use to create patterns in the paintings. I use the duct tape like thick swaths of paint, burning patterns into it revealing the canvas underneath. This body of work, for me, really represents a coalescence of ideas and techniques.”

Mains is now preparing to begin a Master’s Degree programme in fine art.  The sales from this show will help him on his way. The exhibit will continue through the month of July. Gallery hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Monday through Saturday.

By Art and Soul Gallery

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