Fitness Revolution to Start 14 July

Rex Edwards, Head Trainer at Fit for Life Health Club, has warned that the 2014 three-week Fitness Revolution Programme will be “rampant” and is aimed at stimulating the bodies of all the participants who will be engaging in the intense programme.

Described as the official warm-up for carnival, this year will mark 3 years since the start of “Fitness Revolution” as the music used to exercise are usually local songs and the participants usually involve a significant number of carnival revellers, who are using the occasion as a last minute opportunity to get their bodies in shape for the road. It is scheduled for 14–31 July. The programme will involving hundreds of adults engaging in a 90 minute intense cardio exercise programme in the open space, by various trainers attached to the gym.

Though it is an initiative of the gym, it is sponsored by a number of corporate bodies who distribute or promote products aimed at encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Edwards noted that during the period, 2 new initiatives will also be launched, both aimed at rewarding persons who are attending regularly and who are losing weight.

He said that persons who lose weight will be receive food vouchers, while others partners in the initiatives are providing different incentives, including cash prizes, free phone credit and samples of various products.

During the first year Fitness Revolution was held for only 2 weeks. Because of demands from participants, in the second year it was held for 3 weeks. Officials at the gym said that they are confident that 3 weeks is sufficient for the participants to understand and start experiencing the rewards of engaging in a healthy lifestyle practice.

It is believed that following the programme, one of the immediate impacts is the increase in persons joining a gym or fitness programme, though it may be for a short period.

By Linda Straker

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