Illegal Parking, Firearms And Drug Related Charges


The following are statements issued by the Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF).

The RGPF wishes to inform the general public that it will be stepping up the enforcement of the illegal parking laws in the town of St George. “We have the visually impaired severely affected by parked vehicles on the sidewalk. We also have persons pushing baby strollers and have to go in the street, disrupting the flow of traffic. We also have persons on wheelchair who need to access the sidewalk freely.” They will be aggressively making sure that vehicles do not park on the sidewalks in town, hindering persons and the free flow of traffic. Particular attention will be given to Hillsborough Street, Young Street, Granby Street, Grenville Street. Business owners and vendors who also use the sidewalk for displaying of goods in a manner that causes obstruction are also asked to refrain from doing so. The RGPF reminds the public that it is an offence for anyone to interrupt the free passage of vehicles, persons or allow a vehicle or trailer to cause unnecessary obstruction.

In another matter, a quantity of cocaine worth a street of value of over EC$200,000 and close to EC$40,000 in cash, were found in the possession of four men who were nabbed in a police drug operation. They today appeared before the St George’s Magistrate Court on related charges. The men, Ferron Noel of Woburn (St George), Niron and Kimon Edwards and Shillon Touissant, all of La Poterie (St Andrew), were apprehended in Woburn, St George after the vehicles in which they were travelin, were intercepted by officers attached to the Drug Squad. One of the vehicles was impounded. Ferron and Niron answered to the charges of possession and trafficking of a controlled drug as well as money laundering. Both men have also been charged with conspiracy to traffic a controlled drug. The other two men, Kimon and Shillon, have been charged with possession and trafficking of a controlled drug.

With regards to firearms, Acting Commissioner Winston James reminds the general public that it is an offence for anyone to illegally import, or to have in his or her possession, any firearm or ammunition without the appropriate licence. James is warning that persons acting in contravention of the law will be arrested and charged. Members of the public are urged to take a stand against illegal firearms by cooperating with the law enforcement authorities in providing information regarding the whereabouts of any illegal firearm.

In another matter, a Venezuelan national who was charged for possession of a firearm has been asked to leave the country. Nelwing Enrique Rivas Marcano, a 26 years old fisherman, was nabbed by officers attached to Drug Squad in the vicinity of the St George’s Fish Market, shortly after he disembarked a fishing trawler. He pleaded guilty to the charge and was fined six-thousand dollars EC$6000.

Finally, tomorrow, Friday 25 July, 2014 at 9am, meanwhile, 25 years old Arthur Braveboy, who has been charged with illegal possession of a firearm following a shooting incident in St David on 17 July, 2014, will appear before the St David Magistrate’s Court.


Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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