Promoter Accused Of Deceptive Tactics

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A promoter has accused his competitor of engaging in deceptive tactics. One of the promoters of the 2 separate shows scheduled to take place on Carnival Saturday night, have served the other with legal documents demanding that all promotional activities for his event to stop using the words ‘White in the Moonlight.’

Aaron ‘Revo’ Thomas of A K Productions has confirmed that he has received a letter from the law firm which represents Nimrod Olliverre and Egbert Romain, the two persons who are known to be the promoters of the ‘White in the Moonlight’ show which was formerly held at Moonlight City, in La Poterie, St Andrew. The venue itself is owned and managed by Diego Peters.

“The name of my show is Outrageous Pure White and the venue is Moonlight City,” Thomas said. He said he is baffled as to why the operators of ‘White in the Moonlight’ are of the opinion that his entertainment company is violating intellectual property laws by engaging in ‘passing off’ practice. Passing off is a form of ambush marketing tactics in which one is purposely engaging in deceiving measures to confuse users of a particular goods or service.

For the past few years, the White in the Moonlight show was held at Moonlight City which is owned by Diego Peters. In 2014 it will be at Progress Park, Grenville. In the letter to the promoter of Outrageous Pure White, it claims that there is a patron base of 10,000 and by using the words White in the Moonlight in promotions, this can negatively affect the outcome of the show, which will be featuring Machel Montano, other regional and local acts.

Besides serving Thomas, letters were also served on a number of other persons associated with the Outrageous show such as the booking agent, the marketing agent, the owner of Moonlight City and a representative of a sponsor.

Thomas said that his lawyer, as well as the lawyers for all the persons who were served, have since responded to the lawyer firm which represents Olliverre and Romain. “We are awaiting a response. I don’t know what will be the next legal step, but we are waiting. We continue to promote our event and are promising to deliver a good production on the night,” he said.

By Linda Straker

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