Standards For Spa And Wellness Sector

Several persons operating or managing facilities in the growing spa and wellness sector, are more knowledgeable about the need for standards within the industry which, according to reports, lacks standards and operates “very loosely” within Grenada, as well as some parts of the region.

More than 25 persons collectively described as beauty therapists, on Tuesday completed a workshop on “The application of regional standards in the Spa and wellness sector in Grenada.” The workshop took place in Room 216 of the Grenada National Stadium and was funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, UKAID and the Government of Grenada.

Participants at the spa workshop
Participants at the spa workshop

Grenadian Rosemarie Charles, who is also an executive member of Caribbean Spa and Wellness Association, facilitated the training which involved eight modules. The modules covered topics ranging from the difference between spa, salons and beauty clinics, to legal requirements for operating a facility, as well as discussing a draft regional standard for the sector.

“Standards are not only for your clients, but for yourself,” said Charles, explaining that the purpose of the workshop was to provide knowledge on those standards, and to draw up a plan of action to ensure those standards are implemented in Grenada.

The plan of action can serve as a basis for sourcing financial and technical support for improving the quality of service in the industry.

At present there are no standards within the industry and the draft standard is based on best practice from other territories, in particular the USA and the UK. Those who participated in the workshop had an opportunity to know about the dos and donts, as recommended in the standard which must be adopted by relevant regional and or national standard bodies.

Topics covered in the 2 day workshop included Safety and Hygiene, Products, Physical Environment, Addressing Medical Emergencies, Code of Ethics and Customer Service.

Charles said that she was very pleased at the turnout, because it showed that those involved in the sector have a willingness to be engaged in continuous training, as efforts are being made to implement standards to operate, as well as the certifications and qualifications requirement for the sector.

By Linda Straker

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