Toastmasters Trailblazer In Grenada

DTM Dawnette Calliste

Her first contact with the world’s leading Communication & Leadership organisation and best kept secret, signalled a turning point in the life of a humble wife and mother. Dawnette Calliste knew that her life was about to change in ways she had never envisioned before.

She also acknowledged very early the implications of reaping what you sow and thus knew that she had to make the commitment to remain actively involved so that great benefits would be her harvest. That was 2008 when the first club, Spice Isle Toastmasters, began in Grenada, providing the platform for  catapulting communication and leadership skills of those who decide to jump onto that platform and that’s what Dawnette Calliste did, she jumped right on, body, mind and soul.

In just 6 short years, Dawnette’s active involvement in developing her personal communication and leadership skills through Toastmasters has brought this humble woman, the title of Distinguished Toastmaster and significant opportunities to serve in leadership roles both locally and in on the regional front.

DTM Dawnette’s passion for the Toastmasters organisation and its effective programme of learning by doing with a solid feedback evaluation process reinforced by a great recognition programme has made history on and for Grenada and she is recognised as a trailblazer.

DTM Dawnette has been instrumental in Grenada now having four active clubs on mainland Grenada namely, Spiceisle Toastmasters, Gems Toastmasters, Conception Toastmasters and Rainbow City Toastmasters and one on our sister isle, Carriacou Kayak Toastmasters.

At her home Club Spice Isle Toastmasters, she served as Club President from 2009–2010 and Vice President Education in 2010–2011. As Area Governor responsible for the four clubs in Grenada from 2011 to 2012. She launched into the regional space when from 2012 to 2013 she successfully filled the role of Division Governor for 32 clubs throughout 7 territories including Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, St Vincent & the Grenadines, St Lucia, Dominica & Guyana. As Division Governor, she took on a great challenge as Conference Chair and led the Team Grenada in planning, organising and executing one of the best Toastmasters District 81 conferences in history in 2012.

Her improved communication and leadership skills led her to take on greater challenges as for the 2013-2014 term, she was successfully elected to the position of Lieutenant Governor Marketing; the third highest ranking position in the District. Having started her term with the District consisting of 122 clubs throughout 19 territories, DTM Dawnette’s knowledge and experience benefitted the District as she ended the term with 134 clubs and 20 territories. As of July 1st, she will take on the position of Lieutenant Governor Education and Training where she intends to take the District to even higher heights.

In August, DTM Dawnette Calliste will be receiving an award for President Distinguished Lieutenant Governor Marketing, the highest distinction that position can receive for achieving above and beyond the goals set out by Toastmasters International. She will be travelling to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Toastmasters International convention to accept this award at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

DTM Dawnette’s drive, commitment and passion for Toastmasters has also resulted in the territory of Grenada growing from 2 to 6 clubs. Next year, she will also be taking up the mantle as District Governor;,a significant accomplishment not just for DTM Dawnette, but also for Grenada. DTM Dawnette Calliste is well respected as a trailblazer in Grenada, the Caribbean and internationally and exemplifies a true success story of what one can achieve by joining and actively participating in the Toastmasters organisation.

For additional information about Toastmasters in Grenada please contact L Samuel Pierre at or 535-0835 or Karen Pascal at or 407-4865

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