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Groundation Grenada in collaboration with ARC Magazine is inviting entries to ‘Forgetting is Not an Option’, a multimedia cultural memory project about the events and experiences surrounding the Grenada Revolution 1979–83, to be held at the Priory, a historic building on Church Street, next to the Anglican Church, in Saint George’s.

With an awareness that Grenada’s revolution is linked other radical movements and philosophies, submissions from across the Caribbean, its diasporas, Africa and the African diaspora are encouraged. The selected works will culminate in an interactive virtual archive, which will launch in March 2015 alongside a series of exhibitions and live events. They welcome written, visual, audio/music, performance and mixed media entries. Deadline is 31 October 2014. 

Forgetting Is Not An Option Programme
Forgetting Is Not An Option Programme

All entry applications will be subject to review by a committee for selection. Please be advised that all deadlines will be strictly enforced and must be respected. Send questions to or see more on their site.

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