LIME to Have New General Manager

Although the company has not sent out an official release informing the public that Mr Angus Steele is no longer with the Company and is a moving on, there is every indication that a new person will be at the helm of LIME in Grenada.

Appearing in local newspapers this weekend is an advertisement calling for a suitably qualified and experienced executive to join the LIME team as the General Manager for the Grenada operations. According to the vacancy notice the company is looking for an “accomplished experienced executive with an acknowledged and proven track record of having successfully directed, developed and managed within the telecommunications industry with a focus on the fast growing mobile business in the Caribbean and who has a strong sales and marketing focus.”

Last week word got around that Steele, who served the operations for 24 years was sent packing, but calls to Geraldine Pitt, Manager of the Southern OECS Operations who could have provided an accurate status of Steele, were not returned. It is not clear why he departed the company, but it is alleged that Pitt apparently delivered the “pink slip.”

Steele himself has changed his place of employment on his Facebook account — LIME is seen as a past employer, while his present employment status says “Works at Spice Concoction”.

Before taking up the position as General Manager for Grenada, Steele was LIME’s General Manager in St Vincent & The Grenadines.

by Linda Straker

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