Whiteman Congratulates Team Grenada

HE Joslyn Whiteman

The Grenada High Commission joins the Grenada Diaspora and by extension the entire Caribbean, in congratulating Team Grenada on their achievements at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games of 2014.

“The entire team’s determination to reach their goals has been admirable and we extend our congratulations to the players, coaching staff, and everyone associated with the 2014 Team. Your outstanding achievement is a valuable contribution to your country, with notable reference to Kirani James for having broken the 400 meter race record which had previously stood for 16 years – an incredible victory by anyone’s standards, and even more so when one considers that in Grenada with a population of just under 100,000, our athletes have not always had the advantage of the benefits of modern technologies and training facilities that are often enjoyed by other more populated countries.

As a group, Team Grenada has shown discipline on the field throughout the Games; most good coaches will tell you discipline is the key to success in sports and in life in general. It is evident that each one of you has installed this belief in your hearts and actions. Whether watching from the sidelines, or from further afield via our television sets, we are left with no doubt that you have all been greatly motivated, and have shown time and time again that a small country can compete and win against larger countries, and for that we are immensely proud.

I know that it must be incredibly satisfying to reap the benefits after four years of sacrifice and hard work. it takes special dedication and perseverance to get through such a demanding course of training as you all have, and make your mark in such prestigious circumstance. We congratulate you and wish you the best as each of you continue on your next exciting adventure. Your achievements are an example to us all.”


His Excellency Joslyn Whiteman

High Commissioner for Grenada, London

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