The 2014 GRENLEC Debate Continues

The 2014 GRENLEC Debate continues today from 1.00 pm at the National Stadium with St Andrew Anglican Secondary versus Mac Donald College speaking on the topic, ‘Be it resolved that international aid has been an effective method of poverty alleviation’.

Boca Secondary speaks against Westmorland Secondary at 2.00 pm on the topic, ‘Be it resolved that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) provides equity for developing countries.’ The final session scheduled for 3.00 pm, will see St David’s Catholic Secondary debate against Presentation Brothers’ College on the topic, ‘Be it resolved that free trade favours developing nations.’

The debate results (topic and points) so far:

Be it resolved that Grenada’s position on international issues should be aligned with its donor countries: Grenada Boys Secondary (573) vs St Joseph’s Convent Grenville (516).

Be it resolved that prioritising bilateral trade agreements with non-traditional trading partners is in Grenada’s best interest: The Anglican High (451) vs Grenada SDA Comprehensive (408).

Be it resolved that sanctions do more harm than good in resolving international disputes: St Joseph’s Convent St. George’s (631) vs St John’s Christian Secondary (533).

Be it resolved that the United Nations (UN) is relevant in its current form: Hillsborough Secondary (634) vs Bishop’s College (646).

Be it resolved that membership in the Commonwealth conveys benefits to Grenada: Westerhall Secondary (452) Vs Happy Hill Secondary (524).

Be it resolved that the European Union provides an effective model for Caribbean integration: Wesley College (428.5) vs Beacon High (482).

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