Glyn Evans Chairs Airlift Committee

The Grenada Airlift Committee is reinstituted and the new chairman is Glyn “Junior” Evans, General Manager of Spice Island Marine.

The other members are Sir Royston Hopkin owner of Spice Island Beach Resort, who also served on the first committee; Chairman of the Grenada Tourism Authority, Richard Strachan, General Manager of Sandals LaSource, Peter Fraser; representative for international entrepreneur Peter de Savary, Mark Scott; former president of the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, Ian Dabreo; General Manager of the Maurice Bishop International Airport, Wendy Francette-Williams and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism.

In late 1990s the tourism industry was significantly impacted by the pull out of important airlines, so the committee was established out of the need for the island to keep increasing airlift to Grenada. It was then headed by businessman Michael McIntyre, working in collaboration with tourism industry stakeholders. The McIntyre Committee became non-functional in the aftermath of the February 2013 General Elections when the New National Party took over the administration of the country.

Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister Alexandra Otway-Noel confirmed that the new committee held its first meeting last Tuesday where the members were introduced to each other. The terms of reference for the committee is yet to be disclosed publicly. However it is understood that whereas the previous committee spearheaded the sourcing of new airlines in partnership with the Grenada Airport Authority, the Evans Committee will now act as an advisory committee to the minister.

By Linda Straker

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