Grenada At 2014 Annapolis Boat Show

Yachts at Camper and Nicholson (file photo)

The yachting sector of Grenada and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) will be on display as a collective item at the United States Annapolis Sailboat Show which is scheduled to take place from 9-13 October.

Described as the largest and longest-running boat show in the USA, the 5 day activity features the world’s largest multi-hull collection of sailboats and catamarans. The 2014 show is the 45th year of this activity, and it is expected to attract more than 50,000 boating enthusiasts from around the world.

“This represents the single largest potential pool of yachting-related businesses, as well as new sailors to the Eastern Caribbean region, to assemble at a single promotional event for the OECS’ major yachting tourism source market,” stated a news release from OECS Secretariat.

The release explained that the OECS’ imminent participation in the US Sailboat Show is part of key recommendations to increase visibility for the member states and to unlock the potential of the yachting sector in the OECS.

“This is a unique representation and partnership between public and private sector entities that has been sanctioned by the Council of Ministers of Tourism, one of the principal organs through which the organisation carries out its functions on behalf of the member states,” the release added.

Director General of the OECS Commission Dr Didacus Jules, in a recent interview with the OECS News Link said within the concept of “Many Islands One Sea,” the OECS region will be represented at the Annapolis Boat Show in a very unique way. Craft and taxi vendors are among those expected to gain tremendously from the anticipated long-term benefits of the OECS Region’s participation.

In readiness for the October International Boat Show, the OECS Commission is developing a website that will be accessible via specially designed business cards, each highlighting information about the single brand of the OECS Yachting agenda.

The card will carry a quick response code which is smart-phone readable. The OECS Commission expects that the website will have an encyclopedia of information for attracting yachts persons to the Caribbean to enjoy yachting services and sail the glistening waters of the OECS as a single space.

“This event, like every major boating event in any of the significant yachting centres of the world, will be important to the region, as a potential source of untapped revenue. The joint representation of the OECS participation is made possible under the 10th Integration and Trade project of the OECS Region,” the release stated.

By Linda Straker

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