Child Care Service, Revolutionised

Child care service entered a revolutionary new era in Grenada as DoodleBugs Child Care Center officially opened its doors in July of this year.

Located at Grand Anse, St George, opposite Le Chateau Restaurant, Doodle Bugs provides a 24–hour child care service for children ages 7 months to 7 years, delivered by professionally qualified staff, trained in First Aid, CPR and other emergency responses.

Laureen Mark, certified Child Care Professional and director at DoodleBugs, recounts her own frustrations with the child care service industry, as one of the driving forces behind the creation of Doodle Bugs. “My inspiration came from God, having love for children and because of the challenges I had faced prior with my own children in finding a day care facility that was stimulating and flexible with their hours.”

Mark noted that from the onset, the centre’s intention was to be different and to provide something that was new and more meaningful to Grenada. The idea behind DoodleBugs, as gleaned from Mark, is essentially to put parents’ minds at ease regardless of their working hours by providing a convenient and affordable service to their children in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment.

A Young Client At Doodle Bugs
A young client At DoodleBugs

Communication between parents and the center is open and consistent. Daily logs are kept so that parents remain up to date with their child’s activities and prospective parents can learn more about the service via telephone, email and/or social media. In addition to the flexibility of a 24 hour service and the safety of professionally trained staff, the DoodleBugs Child Care Center lives out its motto “Learn, Laugh, Share, Grow” through a specially planned curriculum designed to enhance and develop children’s mental and sensory-motor skills. With a targeted structure, a foundation of novel facilities and a promise of continued growth, Mark and her DoodleBugs have positioned themselves as a beacon in the child care service industry for years to come.

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