RGPF Emergency Services Advisory

The Royal Grenada Police Force (RGPF) is calling on motorists to respect the law and road traffic rules regarding emergency vehicles, such as the ambulance and fire trucks, when the sirens are turned on. Persons are reminded that they should not block or move into the path of emergency service vehicles when sirens are turned on. Drivers are encouraged to move to the left as quickly and as safely as possible.

Commissioner of Police Winston James thanks those who are already in the practice of doing the right thing, but says he is concerned that there are still those who are in violation of not giving ‘right of way’ to emergency vehicles. This increases response time which can result in injuries or loss of life, or significant property damage.

In addition, the RGPF expresses concern with regards to the parking of vehicles in front of fire hydrants, which poses significant risks to the general public. Persons are reminded that it is an offence to park a vehicle within a distance of 50 yards (150 feet) of any fire hydrant. Motorists who engage in such practice are asked to desist from doing so.

Fire hydrants should remain clear for easy and immediate access in cases of emergencies.

The general public in compliance, is asked to keep fire hydrants free from all obstruction such as sand, gravel, concrete blocks, aggregates, garbage containers etc, which can hamper the performance of emergency personnel in the execution of their duties.

Source: Office of the Commissioner of Police

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