Rotaract Club’s 28th Annual Spelling Bee

In a continued effort to increase literacy across the country, the Rotaract Club of Grenada is once again hosting its Annual Spelling Bee Competition open to all primary schools in the tri-island state. With the theme, “Read more, spell more: The foundation for lifelong learning” the club launched the competition on 8 September – World Literacy Day.

The launch was held at the Ministry of Education Conference room, and was attended by Acting CEO of the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development Andrea Philip, Secretary and Past President of the Rotary Club John Williams, representatives from sponsors – the Grenada Co-operative Bank, Republic Bank Grenada Ltd, LIME, Grenada Public Service Co-operative Credit Union, National Lotteries Authority and Southern Electrical Co Ltd – Rotaract members, members of the media and specially invited guests.

President of the Rotaract Club Kira Bailey, was absent from the ceremony, but her presence was felt through her remarks presented by Rotaract member Laurel Bridgeman. Bailey provided insight into the newest addition to the annual spelling bee. “Today we are launching the Rotaract Literacy logo competition, dubbed ‘Bee Literate’. This competition will run simultaneously with the Spelling Bee and targets Grades 1-3 and 4-6 students. They would be given the opportunity to express their concept of Literacy through logo design.”

The competition, which began in 1985, aims to increase literacy in Grenada and targets Grade 5 students at the primary school level. Bailey also explained the reason the club has maintained the competition for 28 years. “It is the aim of the Rotaract Club of Grenada to help increase [students’] vocabulary by learning new language concepts and developing proper language usage that will be imparted on them throughout the course of their lives. This year [with the addition of the logo competition, it] will encourage all primary school students to focus on the importance of literacy.”

Also speaking at the launch, CEO Philip greatly acclaimed the Rotaract Club for the competition’s longevity. “I want to applaud you for maintaining this competition for 28 years. Nowadays, not even businesses last a decade, but this Spelling Bee has lasted two decades and three quarters, and for that you need to be commended!”

Philip also highlighted the importance of recognising World Literacy Day in Grenada. “I’m really happy to see that you’ve launched the competition on a day like this, World Literacy Day. Too often this day just slips by quietly, but we really need to place more emphasis on recognising this day and literacy in Grenada.”

The sponsors of this year’s competition were also given the opportunity to make remarks. Asesia Worme of Republic Bank said the bank was happy to be a sponsor for the third year. Erika Hosten of Grenada Co-Operative Bank said her company has long been a supporter of education in Grenada, and though it was the bank’s first time sponsoring the Spelling Bee, she pledged to continue their support. LIME’s representative Zoë Hagley, shared similar sentiments, saying that LIME has demonstrated their commitment to education through their scholarship programme, and will continue to sponsor activities that encourage education, such as the Annual Spelling Bee.

The preliminary round of the competition will commence on 11 October in the parishes of St George, St Andrew and Carriacou.

Source: Rotaract Club of Grenada.

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